Asshole Anti-Gun U.S. Senator Jamilah Nasheed Arrested With A Loaded Gun




Much like the anti-gay preachers who end up having a collection of child pornography that would make Gary Glitter quiver with kid-rape-y excitement, it’s hard not to notice that the politicians who seem to shout the loudest for gun control tend to either be surrounded by armed bodyguards, or in some cases, packin’ heat themselves.

Let’s not forget how one of the Second Amendment’s biggest enemies, Senator Dianne Feinstein, author of the now defunct and totally worthless 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, was exposed as having a concealed weapons permit, and was regularly carrying a pistol in her purse.

Her excuse? She claims she was the target of terrorist threats and feared for her life. Well guess what, you hypocritical old cow? We’re all targets of terrorists. Our very existence in this country puts a target on our heads. Now the actual chances of falling victim to one of these Islamic ideological twats? I’d say it’s right up there with being hit by lightning, or maybe being attacked by a shark. In a lake. But feel free to explain that to the 49 people that were just buried in Orlando.

But I’m not here to argue gun rights.

I’m here to point a large, mocking finger at Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed. Another asshole politician who thinks her Constitutional right to keep and bear arms in the United States outweighs the rights of the citizens that she is supposed to serve. What a cunt!





Guess who got arrested Monday night after she refused to get up off the ground out in the middle of the road in front of the Ferguson Police Department?

And not only arrested, but arrested while her breath reportedly reeked of alcohol and she just so happened to be carrying a fully loaded 9mm with extra ammo?

Why none other than Anti-gun Missouri Senator Jamilah Nasheed (D-St. Louis), who has herself sponsored multiple gun control bills.

“It was a symbolic arrest – sending a message to the protesters that we can protest peacefully and that we must protest peacefully and that we want justice for Michael Brown, but we don’t want it in vain,” Nasheed said outside the jail Tuesday morning.

Protesting the Michael Brown shooting — which the autopsy has now revealed happened after Brown went for Police Officer Darren Wilson’s gun — prior to her arrest. Police gave the Senator and her companion numerous warnings to get out of the street and back on the sidewalk before they arrested her but she refused to budge.

So the Senator’s message to Ferguson protesters on how to protest “peacefully” involves what police describe as “intoxicants,” carrying a loaded gun, and kneeling in front of traffic in the middle of a busy street and refusing to move?

The Senator told KMOV4 that she has a concealed carry permit, yet police seized her gun and the rounds upon her arrest. When KMOV4 asked Ferguson Police Officer Tim Zoll why the gun was taken if Nasheed had a permit, Zoll replied, “If she had a concealed carry permit, I’m sure she would have shown it to the officers.”



Oh, imagine that.

So, since this sack of dog shit was bailed out, she claims that her arrest was simply a “symbolic” stunt to raise awareness? Negress, please! And the loaded 9mm and extra magazine? How exactly did those props work into her performance? And I guess the drinking was to help curb stage fright? And she now says the release of the information by the police and press about her alleged concealed carry permit was an attempt at “character assassination.”




Riiiight… Of course it was, honey.

And in case you’re feeling particularly sickened by her bullshit backwards behavior, feel free to contact her at her office, and tell her what a worthless pile of garbage she is.

Hopefully the people of Missouri will demand that this nitwit is immediately impeached and stripped of her senatorial position and salary.







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