#BlackLivesMatter & Obama Share Responsibility For The Dallas Police Massacre




Anyone who has been paying attention shouldn’t be surprised at all by what happened in Dallas last night. The racist domestic terrorist organization known as #BlackLivesMatter have been setting the stage for a violent attack like this for over two years.

This was a long time coming.

And our horribly irresponsible news media and our spineless President have been more than happy to jump right in to help promote a baseless cause that ultimately lead to the senseless and brutal murders of five innocent Dallas Police officers.

#BlackLivesMatter and our own race-baiting, coward of a President are covered in the blood of those cops.

I strongly advise watching the following video and sharing it with your friends. This insanity has got to be stopped. And the only way that’s going to happen is by waking people the fuck up.

We all know it’s going to get a whole lot worse if we don’t.




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    Well said Sir!

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