#BlackLivesMatter Terrorist Arrested After Assaulting Police Officer’s Home

Wouldn’t it just be fucking peachy if our gunophobe pussy President would issue some sort of nation-wide mandate via the Justice Department, requiring violent felons who have used a firearm during the commission of a crime to actually serve their entire sentence? What a concept! So while Obama and his ilk continue to drone on and on about gun control, try not to forget that they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about enforcing the current laws.





A steaming pile of human excrement wearing a shirt that said “Fuck Tha Police” on the front and “Black Lives Matter” on the back fired 17 shots into an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) patrol car and a police officer’s home, all while screaming profanities at police.


Scumbag Ratney


27-year-old two-time loser parolee March Eugene Ratney – who was released from prison on June 6th after serving only half of his sentence for a felonious crime involving a gun – lasted no more than ten days on the outside before the shooting.

“Think about this, this is your home,” said IMPD Chief Troy Riggs. “If there is one place in this world where you should always feel safe and your family should feel safe, it is in your home.”

The officer had just returned from work when 17 shots from a 9mm pistol were spewed towards his house, fence and patrol car. A nearby surveillance camera captured images of a fleeing vehicle following the 2AM shooting, which was similar to the car Ratney was stopped in less than a few blocks away.

Ratney denied the shooting, though he cursed at officers and urinated in the interview room, which concluded the interview.

“If we’re going to overcome issues in our community, whether perceived or actual, we’ve got to work together and we can’t tolerate this,” said Riggs. “This officer represents this city and our city was attacked and his family was attacked as a result.”

Two firearms and several casings were found at the shooting scene and in Ratney’s home. The officer who was targeted said he had arrested Ratney on a weapons charge years ago.

IMPD has reported that it recommended the parole be suspended after the June 16th incident.

Ya think?





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One comment on “#BlackLivesMatter Terrorist Arrested After Assaulting Police Officer’s Home
  1. polarbear says:

    In spite of having a criminal record from here to the moon , this simian rat-ney was walking among us . How the hell do these talking monkey’s get away with many felonies , I’ve read that some of them literally have 8 , 10 , and one who had twelve , so the next time when some bleeding hearted liberal apologist starts yelling that blacks get more time then whites for the same crimes , ask the question , how many times did poor boo get arrested for the same crime and let go or got very little time . Im sick and tired of hearing about black lives matter , this country bends over backwards to appease these apes and the more you do for them the more they want ,, and the one reason they can protest at all hours of the day is , many of them don’t work , many collect social security and food stamps , so while you and me have to go-to work to pay our way in life , these monkey’s can cause civil disobedience and crimes .

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