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The Best Holster For The Beretta PX4 Storm SubCompact

    Although I’ve covered many firearms and Second Amendment-related topics here on SickOfYourCrap, I’ve really never ventured into any real gun geek stuff. And quite frankly, I don’t have any likely plans of continuing to do so. My fascination

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Midget With Legally Concealed Gun Kills Armed Robber/Rapist

    It’s no miracle that a female midget with a gun to her neck was able to avoid being robbed – or worse. That’s because Carolann Miracle (tee-hee!), 23, who said she is 4’11 and a delightful 85 pounds,

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Robber At Family Dollar Store Gets Put To Sleep By Armed Citizen

    A robbery suspect at a Family Dollar store in Ohio was fatally shot by a person at the store who had a concealed carry permit.   CLEVELAND, Ohio — A man with a concealed carry permit shot an

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Thug with AK-47 vs. Citizen with Concealed Firearm Permit

As absolutely wonderful and worth celebrating as this story is, I would like to encourage you, the reader, to give some serious thought to the following question I have for you: What would you have done in this situation? Because

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Customer With Concealed Carry Gun Permit Kills Ax-Wielding Attacker

    WHITE CENTER, Wash. — A customer with a concealed carry permit shot and killed a masked man wielding a hatchet inside a 7-Eleven convenience store Sunday morning, outside of Seattle, Washington, according to investigators. Investigators said the shooting

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Old Lady Shoots Home Invader’s Face Off

    DAYTON, Ohio — Police say a suspect is in “grave” condition after he was shot by an elderly woman while apparently trying to break into her Dayton home. Police officials say the woman had been alone Monday evening

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Great-Granny, 80, Guns Down Home Invader Beating Her Husband With Crowbar

    SULTAN, WA — An 80-year-old great-grandmother shot and killed a home invader after he beat her husband with a crowbar. When she saw her husband in distress, Barb Moles rushed to get her gun, a .38-caliber pistol. When

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Old Man Opens Fire On Trio Of Home Invaders, Now They’re A Two-Piece

    Ever since launching the Nice Shot! section at SickOfYourCrap, I can barely keep up with these types of stories. In fact, I can’t keep up at all. I get at least two sent to me every day, and

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Mom Asks 911 For Permission To Shoot Intruders

  There’s a clear effort from the mainstream American news media to perpetuate the myth that guns never assist law abiding citizens in protecting themselves from being victims of violent crime, regardless of the overwhelming amount of contradictory evidence. So

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White Trash Girls Beat The Holy Crap Out Of Each Other On Video

    Yes, I know that I’m one of the creators of this sleazy series, and that’s the whole point. I figured as long as my tightwad blog readers continue to ignore the SickOfYourCrap Patreon Page, I might as well

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