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Cop Shoots Ax-Wielding Crazy Bitch (VIDEO)

    Body and dash-cam video footage shows the moment Tennessee police officer James Spray shot dead 40-year-old dumbass Laronda Sweatt. Police were called to Sweatt’s house the past Wednesday, April 6, when she attacked Sumner County Sheriff’s Deputy Gary

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Denver Police Sniper Puts Down Kidnapper (VIDEO)

  Boy, it must be a real satisfying feeling to drill a round into some asshole, after watching him push around some defenseless old lady. Nice shot.          

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Loony Liberal Trump Protester Gets a Face Full of Shutyourdumbhole (VIDEO)

  Some mushy, hysterical, androgynous shit-stain by the name of Alex Drake (19) caught a righteous stream of pepper spray after sucker-punching a Trump supporter at a rally in Janesville, Wisconsin yesterday. And like the good little SJW drone that


Armed Husband AND Wife Shoot Home Invader Down Like a Rabid Dog

    Eight days after he escaped from the Warren County Jail, Rafael McCloud’s luck ran out. McCloud, 34, was found dead about 7 a.m. Thursday in the tub of a bathroom of a home he broke into, shot by

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Another Loser Named Trayvon Got Shot

    I guess he actually spelled it “Trevon,” but whatever. So Trevon Slick Johnson (Yes, “Slick”) went and got his dumb burglarizing ass shot while exiting the home of 54-year-old Gwendolyn Jenrette, in Miami, Florida. It seems that Jenrette,

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Scumbag Attacks Woman in Parking Garage and Gets Shot in His Scumbag Neck

    LOUISVILLE — It was a suspenseful January night as a man suspected of trying to rob a woman at knife point was instead shot by the would-be victim in Louisville, Kentucky. Police said a man was captured on

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Christine Chubbuck: World’s Greatest Performance Artist (Video)

  Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Christine Chubbuck from ten100 on Vimeo.     On July 14, 1974, talk show host Christine Chubbuck was set to air her morning program, Suncoast Digest on Channel 40 (WWSB, formerly known as WXLT-TV). She


Assholes Rob Barbershop, Assholes Get Dead (Security Video Footage)

  WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, AL –   BARBERSHOP SHOOTOUT BETWEEN TWO ARMED SUSPECTS AND TWO CCW PERMIT HOLDERS COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) –Surveillance video shows a shootout between a pair of armed robbery suspects that tried to knock


65-Year-Old Woman with Concealed Firearm Shoots Mugger

  Michael Bontaites, after the arrest (L) and in January of 2012 (R)   MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Police say a man who sought treatment for a gunshot wound late Monday night was charged Tuesday with robbery. Michael Bontaites, 23,

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Armed Employee with Concealed Gun Licence Shoots 2 Armed Robbery Suspects and Saves Lives

    Wednesday, January 13, 2016 04:47PM CHICAGO (WLS) — Two robbery suspects were shot by an employee at a cell phone store in the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. The T-Mobile store in the 2000-block of East

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