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Holocaust-Denying Granny Convicted And Sent To Prison By Fascists

    Want to remind people of the horrors of fascism? Just toss ’em in jail for having a dissenting opinion. In fact, why don’t you just march the old bat into a gas chamber, and really make the message

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Al Sharpton’s Racist Church Burner Caught!

    It was only a matter of time before the St. Louis, Missouri area police and the FBI finally closed their net on the evil white devil behind a series of disturbing arson attacks, perpetrated against seven predominantly black

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Black Oregon Shooter Kills 9 Whites, L.A. Times Implies He’s “White Supremacist”

    The L.A. Times Label Oregon Shooter as White Supremacist   Yes, this happened. They said he had “white supremacist leanings”…. but then he murdered 9 white people. Hmmm… So if you’re biracial black/white and you commit murder, then

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You’re Way Too Sensitive To Handle The Truth

    Ever notice how in so many news media crime reports they leave out the racial identity of the perpetrator? Sure, sometimes it’s completely unavoidable to include it – like when some scumbag is caught on camera, or law

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