Cue Selective Outrage: Knife-Wielding Chicago Thug on PCP Killed By White Cop (VIDEO)




Personally, I like the idea of cops punching sixteen holes into any crazy asshole – black, white, green, or purple – that walks down the middle of a street with a knife in his hand, high on PCP. It’s the same thing you do to a rabid dog. But that’s just me. I guess judging from the outrage building online and in the streets of Chicago, some people are totally fine with that sort of thing going on in their neighborhoods.

Just some nut with a knife, move along, no need for concern.


Chicago (CNN) – Protesters took to the streets of Chicago late Tuesday after police released a graphic dash-cam video showing an officer shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

McDonald was killed in October 2014. The city’s mayor has called for peace.

“I believe this is a moment that can build bridges of understanding rather than become a barrier of misunderstanding. I understand that the people will be upset and will want to protest when they see this video,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. “We as a city must rise to this moment.”

Chicago has been preparing for protests in advance of the video’s release, which was ordered by a judge to happen no later than Wednesday.

McDonald was a black teenager. The officer who shot him, Jason Van Dyke, is white.

He was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in McDonald’s death and is being held without bond.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy acknowledged that residents “have a right to be angry.”

Soon after the video’s release, a group of protesters began marching, chanting “16 shots” and “We got to fight back!” McDonald died after being shot 16 times.

The NAACP said that McDonald’s family and the community deserve action.


Here we go again….



“16 shots!”

Did the cop fire too many times? Just how many is too many, my ballistics expert friend? Two? Four? Thirteen?

Sixteen seems excessive to you? Running around the middle of the road while brandishing a knife, high on PCP, seems pretty damn excessive to me.

“They should have Tasered him!”

Why, so you can sleep better at night while the cop significantly raises the threat to his own life? Taking that scumbag off the street should help you sleep better at night.


Sounds to me like maybe you just need something to get angry about. No sweat, I got you covered…


Meet Amanda and Davey Blackburn.




Amanda was just 28-years old, a mother of one, and twelve weeks pregnant. On this past November 10th her husband, Davey Blackburn, a pastor, came home to find his pregnant wife naked from the waist down, lying on the floor, in a pool of her own blood.


Meet Larry Taylor and Jalen Watson, the ones responsible for her senseless and brutal death.




Before being apprehended by the Indianapolis police, an associate of Larry Taylor’s told investigators how he bragged about standing over her after he had shot her once in the arm and once in the upper body, then finished her off with a round to the head. And then he stood there and watched her bleed.

So where is the outrage? Where are the protests? Where is the wall-to-wall media coverage? Where’s the fucking hashtag?

Amanda Blackburn was shot three times.

How many shots were too many?



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  1. Matt Reel says:

    Not too long ago, cases like this once somebody said “PCP”, the response would be “OK,then, next?”

  2. James Bett Jr says:

    Good read I was beginning to think I was the only sane one around here arguing this.

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