EXCLUSIVE!!!: Kelly Osbourne’s Upcoming Memoir Leaked! READ IT HERE FIRST


Those must be her book-writin’ glasses.


It was less than two years ago that it was announced that Pulitzer Prize-winning author Harper Lee, author of the American classic “To Kill A Mockingbird,” would soon publish her long-awaited second novel. Readers, as well as the entire literary and publishing world, were ignited with excitement and anticipation! Amazon pre-orders for the book broke all existing records.

Well, hold on to your hats, readers… It looks like lightning is about to strike twice!

It was announced today that Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Heavy Metal icon Ozzy Osbourne, is about to dazzle the world with her very own memoir!

Prayer works!

And luckily for the readers of SickOfYourCrap, I’ve managed to obtain an actual copy of the book. And not just an excerpt, but THE WHOLE DAMN BOOK! Big thanks to my good friend Mike Terry at McKittrick Ross Publishing for the advanced copy.








Page one:

Like me mum and me brother, I have naught talent, but me dad is REALLY famous, see?! Being 50% botfly on me mum’s side, I was able to feed off me dad’s talent and make a name for me self while turning him into a right proper laughingstock! My whole existence is absolute bollocks, but as long as CRAZY TRAIN and IRON MAN keep playing on classic rock stations, I can continue to arse about doing nothing and pretend that I’ve actually accomplished something with me life!






Amazing! I’m sure it will sell millions of copies. But I’m thinking it could use a few photos.





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