Horrifying Workplace Safety Video That’ll Curl Your Toes


I’ve had a pretty varied array of different “careers” over the years, but the majority of my work experience has involved either working in a warehouse or on a truck. Oddly enough (and to be perfectly honest, a tad disappointing), I’ve never actually seen anyone horribly injured or killed on the job. I saw a lot of corpses during my week-long stint as a body transporter for an Oakland mortuary service, but that doesn’t really count. I never saw those people alive.

But being the paranoid Safety Sam that I am, I’m always keenly aware of the many dangers that surround me and my co-workers at work. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t imagine the potential carnage if I was to nod-off on the forklift and plow into the break room during lunch because I stayed up too late the night before watching Hickok45 videos on Youtube.

So what a joy it was to stumble across this immensely entertaining industrial safety clip from the late ’90s. It’s very reminiscent of those great traffic safety videos that you got to watch during Drivers Ed. class. If Herschell Gordon Lewis was to direct workplace safety videos, this is pretty much what you would get.







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3 comments on “Horrifying Workplace Safety Video That’ll Curl Your Toes
  1. TC says:

    Back in 79 or 80 my stepfather who was a foreman at a plywood mill made a quick stop at his office ( we were on our way to a local river to fish for steelhead). I remember on his desk were two folders that contained accident reports, one fatal, one permanent injury. The fatal one involved a worker who managed to have a load of plywood fall directly on him from a forklift that wasn’t loaded properly. The second involved a worker who somehow fed both of his hands into a plywood press, and it resulted in hands and wrists being crushed, and his skin literally being peeled from his elbows down. Gruesome stuff for sure.

    Growing up in a timber town there was no shortage of nasty accidents – log truck accidents, loader accidents, forklift accidents, logging accidents (those ones were truly nightmare inspiring), and of course accidents in the mills. The local cedar shake mills were notorious for accidents, and we had tons of former “shake rats” walking around town missing arms, or hands. One guy even got cut in half, when they found him he had managed to live long enough to crawl across the floor to a mill radio to try and call for help. Sadly the guy he relieved shut the radio off at his end of the shift, and he neglected to check to see if the radio was on at the start of his shift. When they found him he still had the handset in his hand.

    The best one was in the mid 70s – a guy was operating a tub grinder and for some unknown reason he got up on the platform while it was running and fell in (there was also speculation that he may have also committed suicide).

    No more of that for tonight..

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