Kid Eaten By Giant Crocodile! NSFW (Video)


Ever wonder what it would be like to retrieve the remains of a child from the belly of a 10-foot-long crocodile? Yeah, me neither. But from the looks of this video, it’s a predictably unpleasant experience.

I was unable to find any verifiable backstory to accompany this nasty little vid, but I think it’s safe to assume that one of three things happened:

1) The kid was swimming with a dead chicken around his neck.
2) He was washing his dirty, third-world chonies, a tad too close to the edge of the water.
3) He thought you could ride crocodiles like a dolphin.

Either way, the slow kid and that poor crocodile are all kinds of dead.









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3 comments on “Kid Eaten By Giant Crocodile! NSFW (Video)
  1. Brian Weaver says:

    Just like out of Goodfellas…

    Jimmy – Henry, Henry! Here’s an arm
    Henry Hill – Very funny, guys.
    Jimmy – Here’s a leg
    Tommy – Here’s a wing!
    Tommy- What do you like, the leg or the wing Henry?

  2. JoJo says:

    Sumpin hinkey there. Limbs too neatly severed at juncture to torso…..

    Kid murdered, dismembered, tossed.

    Croc dines.

    Croc dies.

    Murderer free to kill again but next time will probably dispose of body differently….

    How did you say this country feels about pedophilia?


  3. Mitchell Boone says:

    Great point! I think you might be on to something here.

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