The Loony “Liberal” Left Sold-Out The Gays



Fed them into a virtual meat grinder, really.

So while Obama’s and Hillary’s blind, cult-like followers continued their practice of falling all over themselves, foolishly defending the virtues of the alleged “religion of peace,” one of it’s more violently devout members decided to practice what Islam preaches and slaughtered a club full of Orlando, Florida gays. Who saw that coming? Oh, I don’t know…maybe anyone who knows that shoving your head in the sand will never make a problem go away. These loony regressive “liberals” are choosing to avoid hurting the feelings of Muslims over protecting the actual lives of gay American citizens.

These apologist dolts want an open door immigration policy that would flood the country with ass-backwards, Stone-Age Middle Eastern Islamic savages, who would just as soon toss a queer off a rooftop for simply listening to Cher.

And the reason pathological liar Hillary Clinton and cowardly Obama feign tolerance of Islam and it’s mixed-up believers? Because scumbag leaders of gay-hatin’ countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have been giving those two traitorous leaches a vigorous cash enema for years. That devious, deadly, democratic duo are owned by those hajji scumbags. OWNED.




God forbid these “liberals” let an incomprehensibly violent attack on gay Americans and their civil rights get in the way of their chance to prove how tolerant they are of a religious ideology that would love to see all of our Westernized heads on the end of a stick.

And no surprise that right on cue, these same candor-challenged simpletons start in with their illogical tap dance of denial:

“Guns! Trump! Guns! The NRA! Republicans! Racism! Guns! Guns! Guns!”

How do these spineless sacks of puss even stand up after tying their shoes in the morning?

But luckily for those of us who embrace logic, Paul Joseph Watson produced another one of his blistering and spot-on video attacks on these radically complicit morons…faster than they could say, “I need my safe space!”




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