Muslim “Angel” That Fell From Sky Is A Sex Doll




JAKARTA, Indonesia – A small backwards Muslim village in Indonesia was excited after what they believed to be an angel from Jannah (Heaven) was found on a beach – only to find out the human-like figure they got so excited about was a cheap (at least in real money) sex toy.

The life-sized inflatable sex doll was found by a 21-year-old fisherman on March 12th, three days after a solar eclipse that engulfed Indonesia. For many simpletons in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, the solar eclipse was viewed as some sort of silly spiritual experience, and large numbers flocked to mosques to say silly prayers.

“Dearest Allah, thank you for dropping the big-tittied white girl from the sky.”

Thinking it was an angel, the fisherman took the doll home to his village where it was taken care of (ahem…) like a real human being.


You know one of those creeps stuck it in that hole.


The village buzz caught the attention of local police who then went to visit the alleged angel. Only then did everyone discover it was an inflatable fuck doll.

“So it was checked by one of our team. It was a sex toy,” said the area’s police chief Heru Pramukarno, as quoted by local media.

Pramukarno said the parents of the fisherman changed the doll’s clothes every day, and was given a blouse and a hijab – a way to care for it as it slowly deflated…much their ridiculous religious delusions.




It is unknown if the doll will now be stoned to death, in order to pay for its unholy deception.

-Mitchell Boone






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