Old Man Opens Fire On Trio Of Home Invaders, Now They’re A Two-Piece



Ever since launching the Nice Shot! section at SickOfYourCrap, I can barely keep up with these types of stories. In fact, I can’t keep up at all. I get at least two sent to me every day, and that’s not mentioning the ones I stumble across myself. And I like that. I really, really like that. Because try as they may to suppress this shit in the national news, there are thousands of local “good guy with a gun” stories out there. Guns save lives. Period.


So our heartwarming story today begins when a 23-year-old scumbag broad came knock-knock-knocking on the door of an 80-year-old man, asking to use his telephone. And she brought a couple of her scumbag friends.

Whitney Kabiru — along with 28-year-old Larry Shaver and 28-year-old John Grossklaus — then forced their way into the old man’s house and tried to rob him, according to police.

“We do have information that they believed this was an old man and that this was going to be an easy way for them to get stuff that wasn’t theirs,” Chief Steve Shine of the Fairmont, West Virginia, police said.



Chief Steve Shine doesn’t give a fuck about those losers.


But police stated that after the suspects flashed a realistic-looking BB gun, the victim pulled out a real gun and began spraying the unwitting idiots with hot lead.

The old man killed Shaver, shooting him in the head and neck, and injured Grossklaus, who was shot in his worthless torso.

Shine claims they don’t plan to press charges against the shooter.

“All the evidence that we’ve collected, all the statements that we’ve taken, they’ve all indicated that this was a self-defense-type situation,” according to Shine, later adding that law-abiding citizens are “authorized to use whatever force they need to to protect themselves” in the face of “deadly force” during the commission of a crime.

Chief Shine then added that it was “great” that the old man was able to defend himself. “I plan on buying him a box of bullets whenever this all gets cleared up.”

Kabiru was being held in jail on robbery and conspiracy charges. Grossklaus was arraigned on robbery and conspiracy charges and ordered to jail after being released from a hospital. Shaver is taking a much-deserved dirt nap.


Nice shot!


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