Proof Hillary Clinton Is Physically & Mentally Unfit To Be President


Okay, I’m officially back. My hate batteries have been recharged to FULL, so it’s time to get back to business.

I’d like to say I was moved by all your emails, telling me how much you’d miss me when I said I was taking a break, but I’d be lying. I mean I appreciate it, but the pathetic zeros who took the time out of their empty days to tell me to rot in Hell and never return are far more appealing morsels on the menu to me. They are my fuel.

And to get my toes wet, I figured we’d kick things back into gear with one of my favorite sources of sickness: Hillary Clinton

So I was just giddy with delight to see that my favorite limey, Paul Joseph Watson, had produced the following hysterically disturbing video about the state of Hillary Clinton’s mental and physical deterioration.

I’ve heard people refer to Clinton as being “evil” but evil is just too abstract a concept for me. And quite frankly, a bit childish and overly dramatic.

That twisted bitch is just good ol’ fashioned crazy.

I’ll be crossing my fingers that she she suffers a full-blown psychotic break soon. At the very least, a massive, debilitating stroke during her first debate with Trump would be welcomed entertainment.

A boy can dream!



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