Rodeos Are For Assholes


That is, of course, unless you’re like me and you go to rodeos to see Skoal-chewing dipshits getting tossed around like rag dolls and their faces pulverized by angry hooves.

Aggravating and torturing animals isn’t a sport. It’s a pageant, orchestrated to overcompensate for some bow-legged asshole in cowboy boots with a micro-penis.

And I understand that me attending these silly shows only supports and perpetuates this “sport,” but someone in the stands has to root for the animals.

So let’s watch some idiots getting thrashed at rodeos.

And take note at the 03:24 mark. Doesn’t that lando know that rodeo is for white folks? Someone needs to sit him down for a talk.

-Mitchell Boone



Rodeos are for assholes?

Bring back tossing Xtians to lions.

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