Sea Otters: The Ted Bundys Of The Animal Kingdom


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Humanity has a tendency to romanticize the rest of the natural world. We humans aren’t so great – we destroy natural resources, harm the environment, and all around act like jerks. But the rest of nature? Oh no. Other animals are noble and kind. We should learn from them. Right? Right?

Wrong. Animals can be GIANT JERKS. Even those traditionally seen as completely adorable. And here’s just one example of the messed up things that the jerkiest of them have been known to do.

Sea otters.

Sea otters are awful. You’ve probably seen the image macros floating around Facebook, exclaiming over how they hold hands while they sleep to make sure they don’t drift apart. Well, that true. But then, they also rape baby seals. As it turns out, sea otters are some of the biggest sickos of the animal kingdom.

It takes a lot of resources to feed an otter – they need to eat approximately 25% of their body weight every single day. When food is in short supply things can get ugly. Some males will hold otter pups hostage until the mother pays a ransom of food to the male.

But they don’t just kidnap babies. Sea otters also rape baby seals to death. Male otters will find a juvenile harbor seal and mount it, as if he were mating with a female otter. Unfortunately, part of the mating process involves holding the female‚Äôs head under water which ultimately kills the seal pups (and over 10% of female otters). For over an hour and a half, the male otter will hold the seal pup in this position, raping it until it is dead. Sometimes when the seal pup dies, it is just let go and the otter will begin to groom itself. Some otters, however, will hang on to the dead pup and continue to rape its dead and decaying corpse for up to a week later.



Raped to death…but the worst hasn’t happened yet!


Sea otters aren’t even the scariest otters, believe it or not. In South America 6-foot long river otters still exist.

And they hunt in packs.





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