Search The Ashley Madison data – PLEASE!


I’ve spent a significant amount of time the past few days, pondering whether or not I was going to stick my nose into this whole Ashley Madison leaked customer data/hacking scandal. Do I really have anything to add? And what was the angle to approach this whole thing?

It was no surprise to me that married people cheat, but do I jump on the bandwagon and help facilitate access to this stolen info, while ignoring the fact that these are simply shitty adults, doing shitty adult shit, behind shit-covered doors? Who am I to judge?
And as much bellyaching that is coming from the guilty and potentially guilty, isn’t it just a simple case of bad behavior begetting bad behavior?

Or is in fact a victim in all this? That seems a bit of a stretch, considering their whole fucking business is built on deception.

I was also getting a bit irritated at the slanted, and predictably sexist media coverage, and how it was being framed as “Pig Men Being Caught with Their Pig Hands in The Cookie Jar.” Last I checked, it took two to do the Humpty Dance.
Sure, the potential for celebrities and politicians being exposed by this kinda thing is always a thrill, but I can just sit-back and watch my social media newsfeeds to catch all that fun stuff.


Clicks to my blog? Not enough for me to waste my time on such a disposable story. Hell, it will probably only get me a cease and desist order from Ashley Madison’s army of Jew attorneys.
So what is my motivation? How is this beneficial in any real way to mankind?


Less is always more, so search away, folks. And don’t blame the messenger!


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Leaked Ashley Madison Customer Info?

Invasion of privacy.
Fair game.
They leaked my fucking account info???

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3 comments on “Search The Ashley Madison data – PLEASE!
  1. Manya says:

    Hmmm. One person can soley “do the humpty” if he/she chooses.

  2. VideoMonkey says:

    Three or more can humpty dance too… humpty dance party all the way.

  3. WiggerPete says:

    You fools are doing it wrong.

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