As SickOfYourCrap officially turned 1 yesterday, I found myself engaging in the usual dopey reflections that anniversaries tend to inspire.

Originally, I developed the SickOfYourCrap site as a way for me to share what I feel is a pretty unique viewpoint on life and the world we live in. At least I’ve been told it was a unique viewpoint. But like most things, that’s based entirely on your perspective.

For me it’s been more of a therapeutic thing – a way for me to do some serious venting – while exposing folks to some interesting and entertaining information. And hopefully I shoehorned a laugh or two in there. Plus, I simply like to write. I carry around a small army of demons inside my head, and writing has proven to be the only thing that keeps them at bay. The fact that a bunch of people actually read my posts everyday was definitely a fun surprise and icing on my angry cake, but I’m really feeling burnt-out and uninspired. I’ve lost my misanthropic muse.

Which is really odd, considering that I’ve felt almost completely consumed with anger and bitterness towards the world and my fellow humans lately. But instead of it pushing me to write, or sending me into the nearest mall with an AR-15 and a book bag full of pipe bombs, I just recently found myself starting to experience a strange state of total calm. It’s almost as if my complete and total loss of faith in humanity helped me achieve a sort of mental Nirvana.

It pains me to admit this, but I think at one point I actually still held on to a little bit of hope for humanity. My desire to rant and rave about the absurdities and injustices in the world were at least partially rooted in hope – I can totally see that now. I honestly wanted to help change a few minds by shining a light on the bullshit. What a maroon!


People hate change.

We never learn from our mistakes.

History will always repeat itself.

People wreck everything.

Everything dies.


The best you can hope for is that you find laughter in your day and that you’re able to do it with as little unnecessary human interaction as possible. And for the love of all things good, turn off the fuckin’ news! Go get laid, take a hike, read a goddamn book.

I’ll absolutely keep the SickOfYourCrap site maintained so people can access the archives…no plans to do a total shut-down. I’m plenty proud of what I’ve accomplished here, I’m just not sure where to take it next. I may just jump right back in. I could return in a week, a month…who knows.



And I thank you for your support.



Actually, to be perfectly honest, most of you annoy the piss out of me. Sorry, I gotta get that off my chest. But there’s been a few good eggs in the bunch. I’ll miss all four of you.




-Mitchell Boone





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