Top 10 Most Evil Women in History










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2 comments on “Top 10 Most Evil Women in History
  1. Les says:

    I do not think the case against Irma Greese or Ilse Koch is genuine. They were both put on trial after the end of the second world war in an unfair and impartial atmosphere of hysteria generated by atrocity propaganda to do with that conflict – First of 7 Part article

    • Mitchell Boone says:

      I’m definitely open to that possibility. A lot of the things I’ve read about post-WWII propaganda has led me to believe that there could have been a lot of tall tales being perpetrated, in order to cover-up the Allied involvement in a lot of the concentration camp deaths. Not directly, of course, but as a result of starvation, due to supply lines being cut off. I’m not saying definitively, but it makes sense and it’s a very intriguing theory. And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the victors of war who write history. Thanks for the links.

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