Uber Driver Snaps On World’s Most Annoying Cunt (VIDEO)


I really don’t know how anyone can be a taxi/Uber driver, a bus driver, or work any kind of other driving gig that involves carting around human beings. They always have to deal with these entitled sacks of shit who feel the need to treat them like servants. And it’s such a vulnerable position to have some stranger sitting that close behind you. Fuck that. At least a bartender or a waiter are in a more tactical position that allows them to plunge a knife into the chest of a lippy customer, or break a chair over their face.

And this poor bastard here will probably be fired by the time you read this. In a perfect and righteous world he should be the recipient of some sort of trophy and a three month paid vacation to The BunnyRanch.

If ever there was a valid argument against the old axiom, “Never hit a woman,” this, my friends, is clearly it.






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