Voting For Hillary Clinton Is Like Voting For Dick Cheney (VIDEO)


A relatively small, but very vocal minority of Bernie Sanders’ merry band of soggy-diapered commie supporters annoy the living piss out of me. You know the ones I’m talking about. Their bully tactics and their anti-American and anti-free speech practices sicken me. They represent everything that is wrong with people in this country. And I’m counting the minutes until a mob of these assholes finally find themselves on the receiving end of violent, armed retaliation.

And no real fault to Sanders. He seems like a nice, honest guy, regardless of my differing opinions when it comes to his unrealistic policy proposals. But some of his cultish followers? Scum of the Earth. He seems to be a magnet for the delusional, unhinged, and emotionally stunted fringe of American society. What might be the only honest politician in Washington somehow became flypaper for the insane. It’s really unfortunate.

Being Bernie sanders must be terribly bittersweet. He’s like that cool indie band that was so different and exciting, before they broke big and all the fuckhead frat boys and nudnick derelicts started showing up to the gigs.

But until the Wicked Witch of the West Hillary Clinton is defeated (or indicted), I will gladly help do their bidding by circulating their anti-Hillary information.

The enemies of my enemy are my friends…for now.

And although a tad on the overly-dramatic side, the following video represents startling and undeniable truth.

And the truth, my friends, stands on it’s own two feet.

Even when those two feet are burned and mangled by corporate-owned, warmongering pieces of shit like Hillary Clinton.







Cheney’s favorite Mental Muppet and the der Female F├╝hrer of Fraudulence.







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